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If Men could Menstruate/ Steinem

If Men could Mentruate is about what and how things would be if men had a menstrual cycle. The author Gloria Steinem talks about how men would act differently if they had a cycle. She talks about how it would be a “boast-worthy masculine event.” They would enjoy having a period because they would compete to see who has the longest cycle. They would make a big deal out of it and it would give them perfect reason to think they are the dominate ones.

I enjoyed reading this article because Steinem makes some really good point on how things may be if men were to menstruate. I believe that men would be big-headed about the situation and really think that they are in control, but what about the cramps? Would they enjoy having cramps and bloating like women do? I personally don’t think they would like that as much, but then they may take that pain and make it out of some crazy masculinity thing for who can handle the most pain. I think it would be great if men started to menstruate just so they can understand how we feel…


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If Men Could Menstruate – Gloria Steinmen

WOW! What an amazing article. This truly shows that men, no matter what they are faced with, will try to be the macho, manliest, most masculine. Steinmen portrays this by showing how men would brag about menstruating, treat it as if it was such an amazing thing if they were the ones going through it. Even going as far as trying to forgo other men on the length and flow of the menstruation.

This I found very hilarious in ways. Men often look at menstruating women as gross or claim that we are bitches when we are on our periods. I never truly thought of how a man would perceive having a period. I think that Ms. Steinmen portrayed their reaction to their own menstruation (if possible) very accurately. It is funny how men can be one way but we must be another.

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Gate C22 – Ellen Bass

In this poem Bass portrays the love of an elderly couple. How they embraced in romantic passion. They kissed without caring who was around or what was being said. It was magical. It was true love.

This poem really shows that love surpasses age. That no matter how old your body grows physically, your heart will still love. It reminded me of my grandparents; almost 70 now. The way they look at each other, its amazing. I want to be like the couple at Gate C22, like my grandparents. Old but yet still very much in love.

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If Men Could Menstruate//Steinem

This article was really interesting and it brought a lot of things into consideration. I never fully understood why men were always in charge, but I also had never questioned why it is so wrong. This has simply been life, but this article made me realize how illogical this way of life is. People have always said that women are just as knowledgeable and understanding as men, but I simply had never questioned why women did not get all the recognitions and superior jobs that men received. However, this article took something that I, as a female, am very informed about and made it into something amazing. I would never count the ability to menstruate as something that should be bragged about, and this article showed how illogical that would be and compared it to the illogical idea of penis-envy.
Menstruating is never a joyful experience, and the fact that this article made it seem as such was the main reason I began to question the validity of this patriarchal way of life. The idea that making a woman mortally wound herself simply to serve her country is simply ridiculous. The closing lines of this article show how much power men have and it also explains the reason they have it. “In fact, if men could menstruate, the power justification could probably go on forever. If we let them.” The “if we let them” part show us that the number one reason men continue to hold all the power is that women continue to let them have this control.

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If Men Could Menstruate by Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem’s essay “If Men Could Menstruate” is kind of self-explanatory. It presents the idea of what if we lived in a world where men menstruate, but women don’t. She is saying that because it is women who menstruate it is seen as weak, but if men did it it would be seen as a sign of strength. If men could menstruate it would make women seem inferior for not bleeding every month. The bleeding would be seen as a worthy sacrifice. In either world women are seen as weak and inferior.

One problem I had with “If Men Could Menstruate” is that the opening sentence doesn’t seem to belong. Another minor issue is that in the third paragraph she presents the main idea as if all along women menstruated, but suddenly only men do. The way she talks makes it seem as if in this world men have menstruated all along and therefore women couldn’t understand what it is like. It’s a bit of a contradiction. The way Gloria talks about male menstruation and how it would be perceived is extremely harsh, but it works very efficiently at getting her point across. You can feel her indignation. This article is extremely thought-provoking and powerful.

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If Men Could Menstruate – Steinem

This article is most definitely an attention grabber; what woman has not dreamed of a world where men must go through the torturous struggle of womanhood? Men have no idea what the word “pain” even means. Steinem explains in her article that men would turn menstruation into a “we-are-better-because-we-bleed” type of view. They would see themselves as more superior than they already do, and the power and satisfaction they receive would be unbelievable.

Steinem really hits the nail on the head when she says,  “The answer is clear – menstruation would become an enviable, boast-worthy, masculine event: Men would brag about how long and much.” Although this is something to laugh about, it is also true! As women, we have to put up with bloating, cramps, fatigue, moodiness, constant hunger, weight gain, etc. while on our period. And we deal with it. Life goes on. Men, on the other hand, would want to boast about it and make it some kind of competition among their friends. A world with menstruating men? Pfft, they couldn’t handle it.

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If Men Could Menstruate

This article is incredibly funny! Gloria Steinem talks about how different menstruation would be viewed if men experienced it instead of women. I liked the bit where she says, “Sanitary supplies would be federally funded and free. Of course, some men would still pay for the prestige of commercial brands such as John Wayne Tampons…”  I thought the “John Wayne Tampons” thing was just hilarious, but then I got to thinking about the first bit where she says “sanitary supplies would be federally funded” and I thought about how nice it would be if they were for women. I somewhat wonder if most of these things would be true if men had a period. It was would so strange to hear guys talking about their first period and trying to out do one another in that respect.

This article reminded me of a youtube video I watched one time with the same title as the article we read, where two guys talk their first period. It’s pretty silly, but goes along really well with this. I’ll post it below. It’s only about three minutes long.