Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Claiming an education-Rich

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This article shows how many different people from different races, sexes and cultures struggled for the same equalities in the 70’s as women are struggling for each day now. Claiming an education serves as an informative article but also leaves the reader with a feeling of empowerment, as if it were a pep talk.

In the beginning of the article the author tells us specific examples of gender inequality through her own personal experiences in her job. She explains how many professors view teaching at an all girls school as a plan b. The author grabs your attention by addressing students specifically. The way she tell us we shouldnt say we are getting an education but that we are claiming an education gave me something to prove. Something for all of us to prove as women, and that is that we all are in control of our education and future. If we want society to take us seriously, we must first take school and our responsibilities seriously.


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