Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Claiming Your Education/Rich

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This article explained how people, especially women, of that generation had been living too passive of a lifestyle. Rich demonstrated that we should not be simply receiving an education. However, we should be claiming our education.

The parts of this article that struck me most were the examples of all of the things that our passive receiving of an education effects. The way Rich explained claiming an education in the beginning of the article made me pay attention, as opposed to the less than enthusiastic approach to reading that I had started reading. When she described claiming an education, it made me begin to think, but she did not stop there. The rest of the passage included ways that claiming an education affected the rest of a person’s life. An individual can become much stronger simply because he or she decided to work on getting information, as opposed to letting someone else simply tell them what they should know.

One thought on “Claiming Your Education/Rich

  1. Claiming or taking responsibility for ones education is an important step in becoming self-actualized which is an inherent goal of the women’s studies curriculum.

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