Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

A Day Without Feminism/ Boumgardner and Richards

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In “A Day Without Feminism” the authors stress the importance of Feminism by giving readers a glance of what life would be like without it. Many people don’t realize the advances of the Feminist movement past the women’s right to vote. So to earn a greater respect of what Feminism has done for society the authors illustrate the injustices of women in 1970; such as limitations on what woman could do from playing sports to renting her own apartment.

I loved the relatability of this article. I did not realize that only 41 years ago that life for women were so much different from today. One thing that surprised me the most is the consequences of pregnancy for women. The author states, “If a girl ‘gets herself pregnant’ she loses her membership in the National Honor Society and is expelled.” This and the fact that a woman could have been fired or demoted just on the grounds that she was pregnant made me angry. These and other injustices pre-feminist movement made me thankful that strides in the Feminism movement were made past just the right to vote.


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