Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Claiming an Education/ Adrienne Rich 1979

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        “Claiming”  and taking hold of an education instead of receiving an education is Rich’s thought of the way one should go about getting an education. Even though women were able to attend college, still did not change the way colleges were run. Administration is headed by the middle class white man, and not by any in a minority. There needs to be equality across career and educational aspects in an educational environment.  I do agree that everyone should take responsibility of themselves and the surroundings but I do not agree with the comment on taking the “easy” way out of situations. I realize taking the easy way out is not challenging but if you decide to do so I do not feel one is irresponsible or incapable. Yes I do agree one should push themselves but if one does not do so it is not always them being irresponsible or incapable, there can be underlying issues involved. Claiming an Education is an enlightening article that anyone with an interest in woman’s studies and education should take a moment to read.


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