Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Claiming Educations/Rich

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This is article is about the way women were, and still are today, treated in society. The author Adrienne Rich talks to a group of students at Douglas College about how women have been treated as if they are not even human and seen as the “others”. She tries to let the women of the college that it is not wrong to be different and basically they can do what ever they put there minds too.

Rich stated a few things that I agree with in this article, especially how women portray themselves. For example, she stated that women should not “fall shallow to easy solutions.” To me that means that women should not just take the easy way out of situations. Women should push themselves to do bigger and better things. Challenging yourself isn’t that hard so why not just go for it? Also she stated that in society women are portrayed to “be nice and play safe” and stick to “low professional expectations. ” In this case this where women should try to be different and let society know that women can do a job just as good as a man can. Today we see those things happening more and more everyday which is good because we as women are showing that we capable of doing a man’s job and not just good at cooking and cleaning.


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