Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Oppression by Marilyn Frye pg. 84-86

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Frye basically writes about the lose-lose situation that women are in. If we oppress something, it reflects on us negatively, and if we do not oppress something it still backfires and reflects on us negatively. The main example she uses that really hit home with me is the constant battle of our sexuality. If we flaunt our sexuality and own it, we run the risk of being called a “slut” or being criticized. While men are congratulated on their sexual encounters. Also, if a women chooses not to be sexually active, she is harassed and called a “tease” or accused of being a lesbian which could result in further criticism.  There is such an unfair double standard when it comes to men and women!

Why must there be this double standard? It seems like no matter what we do as women, society finds something wrong with it or a way to criticize what we are doing, while if the same thing happened to a man, it would be excused or seen as normal. Another point that really got me thinking is our language. Men are accustomed to cussing like sailors, but when a women releases some steam and throws a few curse words out she is seen as trashy or unladylike!

Will this double standard ever go away??


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