Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Homophobia: a weapon of sexism-Pharr

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In this article we learn about what homophobia is and how it affects people who are different sexualities. “The irrational fear and hatred of those who love and sexually desire those of the same-sex.” This is the definition Pharr uses for the word homophobia. The second word of the definition definitely stuck out to me, IRRATIONAL. Merriam-Webster defines irrational as ” not rational-as in lacking usual or normal mental clarity or coherence“. When I reason through these two definitions I cant help but deduct that people who are homophobic are indeed irrational.

Pharr continues on to talk about her own personal experiences as  a lesbian. She tells us how she has felt the effects of homophobia with her friends, losing her job and actually threats upon her life and some of the other things she has witnessed happened to other gay and lesbian people. Growing up in a small town I know the old-time beliefs that most people in rural areas have, most including homophobia. Pharr states,

“Finally, we know that as long as the word lesbian can strike fear in any woman heart, then work on behalf of women can be stopped; the only successful work against sexism must include work against homophobia.”

After reading this essay I feel that in order for us to move forward with women’s equality we must move forward with the message that being homophobic is not okay and somehow teach older generations that there are new ways to view things. We need to move the older generations away from the biblical views of sexuality.


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