Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Sexual Desire and Gender by Pepper Schwart and Virginia Rutter

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In the article “Sexual Desire and Gender it explains many different things. The first topic is about sex; in this section it also says why people have sex and what makes them want to have sex. The next main point is about the word “Desire”. In this part it talks about and explain what love really is and different desires one can have. Their were many different section that I like in this article, but my favorite one is this, “They have sex for fun, as a way to communicate their feeling to each other, as a way to satisfy their ego, and for any number of other reasons relating to the way the see themselves and interact with others.” I really like this quote because this the truth, especially my age group. In this article I really didn’t read anything I read anything I disagree with. I really like everything she said.


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