Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

sexuality and adolescent girls at the turn of the century

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In this portion of “Short Skirts and Breast Juts”, the article speaks about how women’s sexuality, desire, and eroticism has been avoided for many years. Everyday I hear the older generations in society speak about how the young women of today show too much skin and have no self respect. I personally enjoy how Martin states that for many years women’s sexuality and desires were inadequately studied, and he claims that the turn of the century did not show that adolescent girls were more promiscuous just that the women were no longer being shamed into hiding their sexuality. I agree with this statement because speaking from the prospective of a young women living in the bible belt, I know how harshly the older generations judge us for being more open and honest about our sexuality. Which strikes me odd considering  that the older generations generally  got married much younger and engaged in sexual activity, but it was considered acceptable because they were married. In today’s world young women are not encouraged to get married by fifteen years old, but we are not suppose to have desires?








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