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Short Skirts and Breast Juts- Bettis and Adams

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This article discusses the controversy of cheerleading and how it is perceived in our society. It addresses the idea that cheerleaders are only viewed as sex symbols. The authors also speak about how cheerleaders are the ultimate male fantasy.

In my opinion, this article possessed some very good points, but also some I didn’t agree with. I feel like cheerleaders are viewed as sex symbols, but mostly because of movies, and TV shows. The majority of the cheerleaders I have known have been very respectful, sweet girls, who in no way were trying to entice men, BUT because of the stereotype associated with cheerleaders, I’m afraid they unknowingly attract men just because they are cheerleaders. It’s this whole double standard, male fantasy, good-girl, bad-girl thing; It’s making a sport that is good exercise and brings enjoyment to both young women AND men and turning it into a constant controversy, because men in the fifties decided it was hot to see a girl with pom-poms and lipstick on a football field. Personally, I wish people would just accept it for what it is, elongate the skirts, and move on.


One thought on “Short Skirts and Breast Juts- Bettis and Adams

  1. Excellent assessment of the article and the double bind that society thrust onto athletes participating in this sport.

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