Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

The Social Construction of Gender / Lorber

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This article discusses how our gender (as in the gender that we are born with) has little effect on how we live our lives. The only reason that males act masculine and females act feminine is because that is how society has formed us. The article talks about how gender only works if everyone “does gender.” If we do not act as our roles have been set for us, what gender we are will have no affect on our lives. Near the beginning of this article, Lorber explains how gender is imposed on children from birth, and it is continually imposed on people until their dying days. This article caused me to believe that the main reason that gender is important is because our ancestors needed a reason to justify the social inequality. The reason that it still applies today is because most people voluntarily go along with their society’s prescriptions for those of their gender status, because the norms and expectations get built into their sense of worth and identity as the way we think, the way we see and hear and speak, the way we fantasy and the way we feel.


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