Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Virtual Gender by Judy Wajcman

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Virtual Gender deals mostly with the idea that people can be whoever they want online. On the internet people aren’t afraid to be themselves. They feel protected online, like they are free from society’s judgement. Another topic brought up is whether or not gender matters on the internet. Wajcman feels that you can’t become a different person just by saying you’re a different person.

I agree that people feel more comfortable discussing personal things on the internet because they feel like it’s anonymous. People are more open about their quirks or the things that make them different form society since they can always find someone online who relates. I think that people feel more free on the internet. In their everyday lives they are forced into a gender role and told what is expected of them, but then online they’re opened up to ideas like, “Maybe this isn’t my gender.” People feel like it’s the only place they can be themselves.


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