Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

When I Was Growing Up – Wong

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Nellie Wong desires to be white more than anything. She sees the white girls in a perfect, superficial way. In her eyes, happiness can only be acquired if you have fair skin. She tells of how she only wishes of being white, using the example “no matter how much I bathed, I could not change, I could not shed my skin in the gray water.” She also associates them with being rich and having nice things that she, too, wants to have. She doesn’t see beauty in herself, only in those with pale skin.

Reading this poem made me hurt. Every girl in the world is absolutely beautiful, and I believe that 100%. Without diversity, where would we be? All the same, with the same thoughts, actions, beliefs, etc. Beauty is being different from the others. I wish I could say that society believes the same, but unfortunately, we are taught by the fashion world and the magazines that beauty has certain definitions. You must mold to a certain size, a certain color, a certain smile. If we could all see beauty in a diverse way, we would not have girls wishing away their skin color. We would not have girls yearning to have the “perfection” another girl has. Maybe, we would take a look at women as a whole and know they are beautiful.


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