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Cheerleading, Eroticism and Schools

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It’s really crazy to think that cheerleading started out as a highly respected male activity and has now turned into a questionably sexual female dominated sport. Not being one to roll with the cheerleading crowd, I always associated it with male fantasies and scantily clad clothing.  I assume I have this thought process relating to cheerleaders because of the way they are portrayed on television and in movies, which they talk about in this reading assignment. But, judging from the quotes in the article most girls seem to participate in this activity for the reasons I associate it with. However, who’s to say that girls shouldn’t be cheerleaders for those reasons? Or for any reason they see fit? If a girl decides to be a cheerleader to express her sexual identity, then let her do it. If she’s doing it simply to support her school, let her do it. Let her do it without over analyzing it and without judging her.


One thought on “Cheerleading, Eroticism and Schools

  1. i appreciate your acceptance for letting people explore and exhibit their sexuality (or whatever) in any fashion that they prefer.

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