Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Learning Gender in a Diverse Society

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The idea that gender as a performance in our daily lives is incredibly interesting.  I’ve never considered or viewed gender as a performance before reading this, but it definitely makes sense. I especially liked when Labor said, “…gender is something we “do” rather than “have.” When you are born a girl you are thrown into this world of pink delicateness where you learn to be nurturing and dependent. Where as, when you are born a boy you are born into this world of blue in which weakness and vulnerability are “avoided at all costs.” I hate the idea that men and women are generalized into “feminine” and “masculine” and awarded when, as our society sees it, correctly following the roles of their gender. This article also talks about how when hermaphrodites are born they are immediately given a sex and raised accordingly in a “pink” or “blue” world.


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