Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Oppression-frye review

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The core cause of feminist actions are results of oppression. The word oppression simply means to squeeze life from, to press together and make compact which to me means to conform women to the way society sees fit. According to some people, women are not equal to men making us less needed or at least seen that way in certain cultures. To live oppressed is meaning to live a life not using your full potential, conforming to the ways of the world and letting others define our lives as women.

One specific part that caught me off guard by this author was the examples she used to describe certain individuals. I disagree that whoever has a sexually active relationship is automatically considered to be a bad person. In the Authors eyes any female engaging in these activities is assumed to be something that is not necessarily  true about that person. I do however agree with her opposing statement that girls who remain pure are considered “up-tight or frigid” its not so much that I personally agree, but I do see and hear that a lot in todays society from others who portray that. I personally think that absence is a good practice and should not be frowned upon.


Author: petraclay

Student at ETSU

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