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Short Skirts and Breast Juts – Bettis & Adams

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Cheerleading is a sport (sometimes questioned whether it is a sport) that comes with many negative stereotypes. Movies, books, and television shows all have a universal way they like to portray cheerleaders – snobby, skinny, beautiful, boyfriend-obsessed, dumb, blonde, ditzy, sexual, etc.

This idea, along with many other Hollywood-influenced ideas, is not an accurate description. Many “real” cheerleaders (not hired by a film crew or recorded for publicity) are average girls. Or better yet, superior girls. That’s how it is in any category of people though. You can’t just throw them all together and say, “you are defined by these terms.” Sure, there are probably superficial, dumb cheerleaders. In the same way, there are many intelligent ones. Take a look at things in a broader sense, not just the way things appear to be.


One thought on “Short Skirts and Breast Juts – Bettis & Adams

  1. Excellent assessment of the article and realization that the authors are relying upon stereotypes for their main arguments.

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