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The Social Construction of Gender – Judith Lorber

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The article by Judith Lorber speaks about how gender in society is often overlooked. We as a community treat men and women differently. Women are expected to dress one way and work a certain job but the man is expected to dress a certain way and have yet another kind of job. Women are often thought of as the child-keepers however, Ms. Lorber points out that men are becoming more and more likely to have a lot to do with the raising of their children, even babies. Gender is used as a way to construct a person’s life, how they will go about it, and the things they see as acceptable for their gender and not acceptable. Society puts certain responsibilities onto each sex. Women and men are treated as if they can not perform the same tasks. In a gender-stratified environment, the actions of men are more highly thought of than the actions of women; even if the actions are similar. Even with the feminist movement, most women are still stuck in the traditional setting of childbearing, raising, and cooking. However, the article does point out that its the social structure that is put into our minds as the “norm” from childhood. Most feel like this is the way that things are supposed to be.

I agree and disagree with this article. I do believe that women and men can complete the same tasks in an equally good way. Men can raise children, women can build houses. However, I do believe that tradition calls for a certain nostalgia. Women are more emotional, therefore, are more prepared for emotional situations. At the same time, men are proven to be more muscular, so they are probably better apt to do strenuous work and activities. Yes, we are equal, I just feel as though a sense of tradition needs to be upheld.


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