Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

The social Construction of Gender-Lorbor

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Through the beginning of this essay we see how people identify people by their gender: by appearance, by the style of their hair, and the garments they wear.  Lorbor tells us about how she was on a subway and she assumed a baby was a boy because of her dark clothes and baseball cap. When the gentleman pushed the baby’s stroller off the subway she notices the earrings and flower sock, meaning she is obviously a girl. This shows us that even though society may view someone as a boy or girl by the clothes they wear or their sexuality,  they may not be what they are perceived as.

Lorbor says, “In a gender-stratified society what men do is usually valued more highly than what women do because men do it, even when their activities are similar or the same.” This statement particularly stuck out to me because I can see this happening everyday. The working father gets more credit than the mother who slaves away at home with four children because he “brings home the bacon“. Being a woman, mother and especially a working mother is one of the hardest job that women do not get enough credit for. The way society views men above women and the work women do as “less” than men’s work is unacceptable and so far from the truth.





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