Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Virtual Gender by Judy Wajcman

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I really liked this story by Judy Wajcman , it’s interesting to hear how two very modern topics such as social networking/cyberspace and gender roles/feminism intertwine. I highlighted a quote in this reading that I’ll definitely always remember, “the untouchable is always the most desirable”. SO TRUE!

Ok, so basically Judy explains that the internet is a world where people can create themselves, anyone they want. Even gender can be altered, personality, life stories, ways of thinking and speaking. It’s almost scary. Using the computer to connect with others is almost a way to hide behind your own self, and mask your imperfections, and make others like you for the person you want to be. Some reserved people or insecure individuals find it easier to make friends and get advice. There is no judgement, racism, or sexism. Other women use the internet to seek advice and associate with other women in their social categories. Although, the disadvantage or the internet is that men can pretend to be women or women can pretend to be men. While it is possible to discover a fake, it may be impossible.


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