Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Virtual Gender – Wajcman

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Who are you? Sure, many different things could define you, describe you, and characterize you. But what if you do not desire to be those things? The Internet is a different world; you can be whoever you want to be when hiding behind that computer screen, right? Wajcman’s article proves otherwise. She says that it is not so easy to completely transform into a new person. For instance, if you are a woman disguising yourself as a man, you will have difficulty playing the role of a man because you are not male.

Something that really amazed me was how a man, Lewin, took on the role of a handicapped and disfigured New York woman. He had many women who enjoyed talking to “her” and shared personal stories. Of course, you cannot hide a fake identity forever. Lewin’s “followers” were outraged and hurt when they discovered their role model was an impostor. This really shows that you cannot believe it until you see it.


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