Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Masculinites and Globalization – R.W. Connell

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Connell talks about how worldwide men are the majority in control of not only countries but their economical actions as well. He shows how even though the modern media tries to portray a scene of equality, this is not the true case. Yes, it may not be legal to discriminate against women in the workplace however, when our country first came to be, it was very evident the mindset on male and female responsibilities as far as working and in the home place. In our time, women have become the object of sex in not only strip clubs but pornography all over the world. Women are demoralized and treated as meat. America itself can be contributed to the breakdown of women’s integrity, and its institution of majority male power and economics all over the world.  Connell speaks of how urbanization has given the man more backing to become violent and feel the need to dominate. Men, especially those in high power positions, are pressured to make enough money to have a non-working wife and a home full of children. With all of this looked upon as a man’s responsibilities, it is often seen for the woman to keep house, cook, clean, and watch the children. Women are not given much thought when it comes to power positions and economic and political stands. It is a man’s world still to this day. Women are going to battle for equality for a while.

I feel as though Connell takes a huge stand it facing against not only our traditions but our political and economic body as a whole. Not only is inequality taken back all the way to its beginnings, but also it is shown how it’s still in effect today. I believe that a woman is completely capable of making tough economic and political decisions as well as have a family and be a main money-maker in the household. We are strong, and just as smart as men. Men often believe that our emotional state will come in between us and the right decision. However, can the same not be said for a man’s quickness to temper?


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