Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Virtual Gender/ Judy Wajcman/ pg.155-157

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In this reading, gender is discussed amongst the cyber-world. It was interesting because I would of never began to think that people use the internet to vitrually change that part of their identity or to play around with that part of identity. The story of the psychaitrist who was a male, but began to log in as a female due to the amount of attention and replies, etc, he got from ‘patients’ was interesting; although this ‘male’ said he was in “the process of becoming Julie” (his new identity). Its strange and sort of creepy that people play around with this idea of changing who they are, and i can image feeling betrayed if I was one of the ladies who thought I was confiding into another female. However, I also understand why people may like to use to internet as this sort of playing ground for new experiences and to search within themselves. The internet is like its own little planet, its own little world. Its capabilities have it so that you can become whoever you may want to be; male or female. However I guess it just comes back to humanity and basic respect for other  people’s feelings, that although it may be pretending or another ‘world’ I am not sure just how much other people may see it that way. Some take it seriously, some do not. its still kind of a gray area.
It was an interesting, new idea to think about.


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