Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Masculinities and Globalization//Connell

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This article help to change the way people think about gender and about how gender affects the world as a whole and not just the individuals in it. The beginning of the article discusses how it is difficult for us to think about gender as something that affects the whole world because we always think of gender as an individual thing. This thought makes it difficult and almost impossible to think of gender as something that affects the world as a whole.  Connell talks about how humans often believe that our global economy has become more equalized over the years, but when in truth, it has not changed near as much as we would hope. The reason for this goes as far back as the European colonial conquests, where it was mainly a male-dominated adventure. These conquests disrupted many of the indigenous gender orders that people of the now colonized land already had. Even today, it is easy to find many aspects of life in favor of men instead of women, including wages, labor force participation, structure of ownership, cultural and sexual privileges.  The global order that is emerging is not even really trying to change these problems. Many people see no problem with the ways things are, and I believe that this the real problem.


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