Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Virtual Gender by Judy Wajcman

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Cyberspace refers to the nonphysical environment created by joined computers interoperate on a network. This story is about cyberspace and what people are doing on it. Cyberspace is letting people not show their true identity. Its allowing people to hide their sex, age, voice, accent, and appearance.

The thing I don’t really like about this story, is I fill like many people are talking on these different chat-lines that when it comes down to it they will not know how to keep a conversation with anyone. Also if you can’t keep a conversation how do you expect to talk at a job interview? I disagree with the author when she says “Cyberspace provides a risk-free environment where people can engage in the intimacy they both desire and fear”. Their has been so many people who have been hurt and killed on cyberspace. So my question is, How can you say its safe if it’s hurting and killing people?


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