Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Chapter 3: Learning Gender in a Diverse Society

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This chapter talks about the differces of the different genders that we have in our society. It talks about how it is looked at different within biology and culture. It is practiced in different cultures in different ways and we learn them differently.

I thought these two portions of the chapter (masculinity and femininity) gave some good examples how masculine and feminine are “suppose” to be. It described that being masculine, you are expected to be hard, tough, strong etc. And it does the same for women, how they are looked at as being the soft, emotional dependent type. I liked how close towards the end it pointed out how in modern day, in some way, women have changed. It says that now women are more independent, or known as the superwoman. They have to hold all this baggage of being the independent one to hold their own ground along with still carrying the weight of being that supportive, emotional person. So now days, women have become a lot stronger than what they use to be.

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