Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Masculinities and Globalization / R.W. Connell

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    In his article, Connell extensively explains about masculinities as a characteristic of world society. Even in our world today, women are not seen in government roles as much as men. People often think that we now live in a world of general equality, however, we are far from it. The structure of ‘gender’ itself dates all the way back to imperialism. We see gender divisions in labor, power relations, emotional relations, and even symbolization. 

     I did not particularly like this article. I felt that his wording was too distracting from the points that he was trying to make. Even though had good intentions and made brilliant implications to the world we live in now, I was not entirely moved or satisfied after reading this.


One thought on “Masculinities and Globalization / R.W. Connell

  1. I felt much the same about the article, but thought it was essential reading given the implications of globalization upon the US economy that effect us all in many visible and invisible ways.

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