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Short Skirts and Breast Juts: Cheerleading, Eroticism and Schools/ Bettis & Adams

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I suppose I have never really thought about cheerleading in the ways that Bettis and Adams discuss it in their article. I never thought that the girls in middle school and high school that tried out and were cheerleaders wanted to just for the boys to see them in short skirts. I guess after reading this I could now see it differently; however, it may have also been different in my high school. From what I  knew, most girls I knew to be cheerleaders were athletes themselves. They had been doing gymnastics or dance or cheering since preschool-so it was a given that they would do it in middle and high school since it was something they loved. But I guess there has always been the stigma that cheerleaders are always the popular girls, and i feel like maybe now cheerleaders in schools feel like they have to live up to that or that other girls can’t become cheerleaders because they aren’t popular. However, i believe that stereotype came from popular culture and the media (movies, etc). I suppose cheerleading has become a ‘generic’ way to prove your feminism in high school, or get attention from boys. But I also can’t completely agree because I feel that the article was underestimating the talent and athleticism cheerleaders must have and practice.


One thought on “Short Skirts and Breast Juts: Cheerleading, Eroticism and Schools/ Bettis & Adams

  1. your assessment of this article was astute and you should go with your first impression of cheerlleashing as a sport and its participants as athletes, as the authors present a one-sided interpretation of cheerleading. what they say is true about the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, but cannot be generalized as a whole about the sport.

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