Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Virtual Gender by Judy Wajcman

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I think that out of all the readings that we have had to to read in class, this ranks # 2 (“When I was Growing Up” by Nellie Wong leading with 1st place) because I can see the good and bad in virtual gender transformation.

I feel like the doctor was on good roll with helping these women by means of a fake character.These women felt “Finally, I have someone to talk with actual great life changing adivice”.The part that I disagree with is that when they do find out that you are no the ideal character you are portraying AND YOU GAINED THEIR FULL TRUST, things can get catastrophic.



Author: closkifbaybe

Hello,My name is Caleb Smith and I like to tell jokes (allll the time),listin to music to get my day started , and I am the only Male in my Women Studies class hahhahaha ,but I am actually enjoying it.

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