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Virtual Gender~

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This article talks about faking an identity on the internet. I want to say that I’m all for trying out different identities online, but only if you don’t plan on forming some sort of “real” relationship with anyone. I understand the interest in wanting to try out another personality or gender. It’s really interesting and somewhat entertaining. However, I completely disapprove of leading someone on and lying to them to form a relationship of any sort.  No one should end up hurt or embarrassed.

I watched a documentary just a few days ago that goes along pretty well with the theme is this article. The film is titled Catfish. In it a women takes on the persona of 16 different people on facebook, all with fake pictures and starts a relationship with this guy. The film is from the guy’s perspective. His brother, a film maker, begins filming is his brother. “They had no idea that their project would lead to the most exhilarating and unsettling months of their lives.” Although, It’s sort of uncomfortable to watch, it’s actually a really interesting film and I would recommend it to anyone.

Here’s a link to the trailer:


One thought on “Virtual Gender~

  1. The online environment is the perfect place to experiment with identity. Will check out the catfish trailer, thanks for sharing the link.

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