Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

When I Was Growing Up / Nellie Wong

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     This article is an eye-opener for sure! I never thought of how Asian women may be oppressed. We see so much about women being oppressed overall, and other people of color being discriminated against everywhere they turn, but I had never thought that Asian women may want to be white. Wong gave such examples as television, movies, and high school in which she saw white, blonde, beautiful women and desired SO MUCH to be more like them. What was really sad was the part about feeling dirty and how she could not wash away her color.
       I can’t imagine living like that. I’ve felt out-of-place before, but certainly nothing like that. She mentioned how even though both of her parents were Chinese, she felt “foreign and unAmerican”. Also, when she told us of how she dreamt of running away to purple mountains and Chinatown only to find out that it was a ghetto, I felt guilty as a white woman. White America places people into oppression. They don’t deserve it. They too deserve the opportunities we have and to be happy with themselves as they are.


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