Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

When I was Growing Up~

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This poem is incredibly heart breaking. The author talks about being Asian and growing up in America where being white was put up on a pedestal. She longed to be white so that she would feel like she fit in with society and so that those around her would feel more excepting of her. It’s heart wrenching to read the lines where she talks about changing her skin color. “I began to wear imaginary pale skin” and “I thought that god made white people clean and no matter how much I bathed, I could not change, I could not shed my skin in the grey water.” It was also especially sad when she was talking about how she believed Chinatown had “purple mountains” and that there would be “nothing over her head” and one day running away there. And eventually finding out that it was a ghetto. One thing about the poem I find to be positive is that she says “I know now that I once longed to be white.” Meaning that she no longer does, and hopefully loves herself just as much as she always should have.

I love that the world is so diverse and full of so many choices. Despite sounding cliche, I truly believe that everyone is beautiful and that the differences between all of us are beautiful.


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