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A Day Without Feminism/ Baumgardner and Richards

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Baumgardner and Richards’ article is an article explaining the progression of female rights and privileges since 1970. The text reveals many things that women HAD to do, and things that women were not allowed to do. “A Day Without Feminism” went into great detail about women in the army, women’s jobs, marriage, and receiving education. Women were not treated equally as men and were looked at more as just a mother. Baumgardner and Richards really shows how far females have come since 40 years ago.

I really enjoyed “A Day Without Feminism” because it made me look at the way women used to have it, and how hard times must have been. Although women are still not fully equal to men, we have come a long way and this article gives hope that women will continue to progress in the world. It really saddened me and made me open up my eyes when Baumgardner and Richards explained how women did not have to get paid until they did something sexual for their boss. I’m sure some companies and men still try that, and some may get away with it, but at least it is illegal and the men will be punished. Women have, and will continue to fight very hard for rights and the way women are treated and it is paying off.


One thought on “A Day Without Feminism/ Baumgardner and Richards

  1. At least there are sexual harassment laws in place now to protect women and men from having to do sexual favors. Their bosses.

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