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Romance: Sweet Love/ Hooks

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This article is explaining romance and relationships. The author also tell the difference in how men and women look at relationships, sexually and emotionally. The author also talks about sex and how men really expect to perform well. Women as well look for someone that can pleasure them sexually and also look for other aspects for their partner or looking for that “perfect partner”. Another thing mentioned is how men don’t really talk about their wants and need and how most people think it will ruin the mood when talking about their desires when in some cases it enhances things and the relationship, dependini on the couple.  

I really enjoyed reading this articel simply because I believe I am one of those people that believe in love. There are different ways people find love and in different ways. I like how the aurthor explained the ways men look for love and the way women look for love. There is a big difference of how men and women think about love. I have been involved with someone for five years and I can say we have come a long way and have really discovered the art of love within each other. 🙂


One thought on “Romance: Sweet Love/ Hooks

  1. Recognizing the different forms that love takes and that what we need varies with what stage of life a person is valuable knowledge, as well as understanding the differences between men and women and how they fulfill their needs for love.

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