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Short Skirts and Breast Juts/ Bettis and Adams

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Pamela J. Bettis and Natalie Guice Adams wrote a very interesting article on cheerleaders and their reputation. Throughout the article they did use good examples on certain groups of cheerleaders to support their statements and make this article believable to those who are clueless on cheerleading. The people they interviewed, cheers they used, and the squad that they chose to talk about was picked very wisely. The article talks about cheerleaders wearing short skirts, a couple bad cheers, and labeling cheerleaders as a sex tease. The authors picked the one team in America that would represent these things, and automatically made every other cheerleader that actually enjoys the sport suffer.

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are NOT cheerleaders what so ever. They may call themselves cheerleaders but they do not stunt, tumble, jump, and they hardly “cheer”. They are strictly dancers that wear a vest, SHORTS, and cowboy boots. They only want to make the team for themselves and to be able to dance, they could care less about the football team. What about that is cheerleading? Authors like these two women are the exact reason cheerleaders have the reputation they do. They pick the worst team and cheer, and then automatically say “cheerleaders” referencing ALL cheerleaders. If people want to see how cheerleading really is, they need to come to an ETSU game where we are on the sideline jumping and cheering for the team the entire game.

This article hit me the wrong way and it frustrates me seeing this in a book where several students read this article and see the point of view that authors give. This is a negative article and they picked the bad teams in stead of an actual good cheerleading team. Authors do this because the negative and bad things about a certain group of people is more interesting and people like seeing others be put down. I do not cheer because of the attention I get from boys, or because I am allowed to wear a short skirt. Girls are able to do that at  Chrome every Thursday night. I cheer because I actually love cheering for basketball, tumbling, stunting, and jumping. A comment like that will never be revealed to the public though. This article did not make me look down on cheerleaders or what we do; however, it made me look down on the authors and there attempt to keep the negative reputation of cheerleading going.

One thought on “Short Skirts and Breast Juts/ Bettis and Adams

  1. This is an excellent critique of the article. I’m sure they chose to profile the DCC because they are so high-profile. I remember them from when there used to be specials on tv in the 1980s, and also the recent reality tv shows about joining the team. But I’ve also know enough about cheering to understand that DCC is not representative of the sport as a whole.

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