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The Social Construction of Gender/ Lorber

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The reading from Judith Lorber is about how gender is an everyday thing that people “do” and never realize that they are “doing gender”. The article talks about how the way we do and process gender is a lot different now, than the way it was one hundred years ago. In the older days, women would stay home, take care of children, take care of the house, and received no credit for anything. Lorber states in her writing that she two fathers taking care of their children on a train. That would have never happened years ago.

Another interesting point that was made throughout the reading is the way children  dress. People could usually always look at the outfit that a  child is wearing and tell whether the child was a boy or girl. Lorber states how you can not really tell  by the outfits on a child now because she thought it was a boy until she noticed earrings in the ear. I really liked this reading and agreed with the things that Lorber said and the way she pointed out that some men are taking responsitibility and helping with the child. This shows that some things are changing with the roles of gender.


One thought on “The Social Construction of Gender/ Lorber

  1. Actually, pink used to be associated with boys and they were dressed in the color. I can’t recall how that changed and when or why. I’ve avoided pink a lot with dressing my daughter because I don’t like the color and because I am so gender conscious and it’s caused a lot of people to mistake her for a boy–because she wore lots of green and it took so long for her hair to grow long. Her shoes were always fairly girly though so it seemed to me that those commenters were just not too observant. Also, there was a story in the news about six months ago about a couple who refused to reveal the gender of their child because they wanted to raise it gender free. That seemed a littler extreme to me.

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