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Virtual Gender/ Wajcman

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Judy Wajcman’s article about cyberspace really made me feel the same way I have always felt about internet friendships and relationships. It states in the reading that a male crossdresser got on the internet and talked to many females about problems and disfigurements that they may have. However, “Julie”, the male crossdresser, acted as a female and was unmasked years later. It crushed several females when he was unmasked and was they saw who he really was.

I do not like the concept of relationships and friendships online. I understand the situation with knowing somebody in real life and keeping up over the internet and social networking. However, I would never go online and meet somebody and try to base my relationship on that because you have no idea who the person is and what they are capable of doing. I think everybody needs to stay away from online dating and meeting people through the internet because too many females and young kids get severely hurt and injured from that.

One thought on “Virtual Gender/ Wajcman

  1. Like everything the Internet can be used for good and evil. It is unfortunate that Julie’s identity was false, but I’ve had positive experiences with making online friends, who I’ve met in person and invited to my home. However, I do count myself lucky that I was successfully married well before the advent of online dating so I have not had to venture into that realm, although I have several friends and relatives who met and married their mates that way.

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