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When I Was Growing Up/ Wong

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Nellie Wong’s writing is a poem about living a life being Asian. She explains how bad she wanted to be white and several reasons why she wanted to be white. Wong states that she was constantly told that she was dark and she believe her soul was dark. She also talks about how she wanted to have the American styles and food. Wong explains why she wants to be white throughout the whole article, and ends is asking if  she really needs to give any more reasons why.

This article made me think about what I have and what i constantly say I want. If people read this article they would realize that they need to be happy for the things they have or receive because others would be ecstatic to have those things.  Everybody takes something for granted throughout their life, and most people do not realize that they do until it is gone, or until they see others that do not have the things they do. This article shows how each different person, or group of people have at least one thing that everybody else wishes to have.

One thought on “When I Was Growing Up/ Wong

  1. Poems and readings such as these provide excellent insight into experiences outside of our own. Gaining this kind of perspective helps build empathy with others and find common interests and build relationships and understanding.

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