Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Gate C22 – Bass

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Gate C22 was very much different than what most of the articles have been. It is more of an appreciation of simplicity and love than a plea for women’s rights or an argument about gender. It simply tells of the reuniting of a middle aged couple who was very obviously still in love. They kissed for a long time. Even after everyone had retrieved their luggage and went on to the parking lot, this couple was still kissing passionately. The seemed to forget that there were others around, watching them, as they left the world and forgot about their cares. A delayed flight of people were watching this couple and yearning to have what they had. They couldn’t look away from this couple who felt unconditional passion.

This poem was very interesting for me to read. From the first line until the end, it sucks you into the setting. It is like you can witness this couple with your own eyes and want it for yourself too. Often times in life, we get caught up in daily habits and things that do not really matter. We tend to forget the things that are important and mess up our priorities. Maybe if we took a moment of our life to live like the couple in this poem we would experience true happiness, not just temporary. The meaning of bliss can be found in something simple that is filled with passion!


One thought on “Gate C22 – Bass

  1. Agreed! The simplicity of moments shared with those whom we love outweigh all the so-called important things.

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