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Gate C22 by Ellen Bass

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This story/article was short, but most definitely sweet! It’s a recollection from Bass about seeing a passionate couple brought together again in an airport and showing their love, devotion, and affection for one another regardless of their location. This reconnection is not one of young love or that annoying “just married” glow. Bass describes a middle aged, far from perfect yet real- life, in love couple.

I loved this article so much! I guess you could call me a hopeless romantic, please dont tell anyone though 🙂 Somehow after many failed and terrible relationships I still believe in love. It seems like all we hear about in real life is heart break, cheating, lying, and deceit when it comes to relationships. The only source of sweet “fairytale” romance we get is from movies, which is a far cry from being realistic. Considering real love is hard to find and keep, this article is such a breath of fresh air for me. For two people to still be so in love at their age is great, and accept each other for their faults like extra weight or gray hair. This is something that everyone dreams of finding!

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One thought on “Gate C22 by Ellen Bass

  1. It is refreshing to read a positive depiction of undying love at middle age or possibly elderly love in imperfect bodies which we rarely see depicted in the media. but, can we know whether this is new love or old love? Sometimes ambiguity is nice.

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