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Romance: Sweet Love // hooks

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As a person who grew up on Disney movies where princes always come and dreams always come true, this article was extremely depressing. However, when I took off my Disney-glasses and looked at this article through the eyes of a more logical person, this article actually made sense and was helpful. This article discusses the false beliefs that many people have about love and a way to make love better.

The idea of “falling” in love is something that has been instilled in most of us our whole lives, and this article explained why we hold this belief when it said, “If you do not know what you feel, then it is difficult to choose love; it is better to fall. Then you do not have to be responsible for your actions.”

This article also explains why most people’s love lives are not what they wanted or hoped for. The main reason the article gives for this is because they simply are not ready for love. However, when the author actually thought about what she wanted and needed in a mate, love was easier to find and understand.

Many people believe love is simply a feeling, but as pointed out by Fromm, “To love somebody is not just a strong feeling –  it is a decision, it is a judgement, it is a promise.” The main reason most people can not find the love they were looking for is described by hooks when she says, “We fail at romantic love when we have not learned the art of loving.”

One thought on “Romance: Sweet Love // hooks

  1. Hooks is so astute and the quote you concluded with puts me in mind of those serial monogamists; the ones who marry and divorce four or five or six times.

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