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Gate C22/ Ellen Bass

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I really enjoyed this poem due to the fact that I absolutely love airports. I love the atmosphere of them for some reason and I always have since I could remember. The essence of people leaving for far away places or the sweet reunions back home. There are the extreme goodbyes and the rejoices of hellos and everything else in between. Airports are like small cities within larger cities to me and the way that Bass captured a small moment happening between two people in an area that is usually bustling with people (unless of course you go to the Johnson City airport… that place is like a ghost town :)). The simplicity of the man and woman, they aren’t young and gorgeous or different looking from any other Tom or Mary. Its the love between two people, who to anyone passing, would not double take at either. Yet, their communication between each other, the touching and kissing is obviously so real and intimate that it does not matter if they are old or young, beautiful or ugly.. its something so special and private that you get to see blossom between two people that is captivating. And it obviously is extremely captivating even in just the author’s words.
It is strange that we, as humans, are captivated by the act of love like the couple shares. There could be so many reasons why; possibly because anymore, most people don’t get to share that raw of an emotion or that the media would rather expose us to the “love” stories on Jersey Shore, that its no wonder its awe-inspiring to see such true love, true connection between two people who could be more like me or you. I feel this poem also connects to women more than men not just for the ‘romance’ part but because Bass describes the woman as “…carried a few extra pounds you could imagine her saying she had to lose.” “…all of us trying to slip into that woman’s middle-aged body, her plaid Bermuda shorts, sleeveless blouse, glasses, little gold hoop earrings…”-something generic, something that woman can identify with; a little conscious of her weight, most woman can even say they have said or thought they need to loose the extra few pounds they thought they were carrying. And her outfit is generic, plain-something we could all be wearing. Something relate-able, not something glamorous. Bass’s writing and storytelling about what was happening at Gate C22 makes women want to be that woman one day, have someone make us feel pretty even when we may not think that ourselves, and although males could have this feeling as well… it is much more a female issue. Yet, Bass’s poem is graceful and romantic in a non-slutty, non-Jersey Shore way.


One thought on “Gate C22/ Ellen Bass

  1. I’m an avid people-watcher and airports, especially ones larger than TRI, are perfect grounds for studying human behavior. I understand that many men keen on watching porn are turned off by fake bodies injected with saline and implants. They prefer to watch imperfect women with extra pounds who could be the next door neighbor.

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