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Romance: Sweet Love- bell hooks

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Romance: Sweet Love, focuses on how men and women view love, and are taught to view love. hooks talks about how women usually enter a relationship believing that there will be a fairytale ending, while men enter a relationship looking for sex. She also talks about how women don’t typically believe sex is the only thing necessary for a healthy relationship.

I really liked this article. I am not a “man hater”, and I do not believe that all men just want sex. I have male friends, and men I respect, and I know, although they may love sex, they don’t base their relationships off sexual pleasure. BUT, I do think that our society teaches the male gender (from a very young age) to view a woman for only her body, and what he can get out of her. I mean anyone can look at lyrics from a Eminem song and realize that there is a HUGE problem with the way he talks about women. I also agree that as women, we are raised with the notion that one day we will have a beautiful white wedding day, (marrying the man of our dreams, of course) and live happily ever after. It’s simply unrealistic. Not to say that true love doesn’t exist, and not to say that every woman doesn’t deserve a beautiful wedding day, if she so desires. We, as woman, are embedded with an unrealistic fantasy life as little girls . Imagine if, as children, we were embedded with the idea that we are intelligent, powerful, and unlimited in what we can do??


One thought on “Romance: Sweet Love- bell hooks

  1. I’d love to see what the books, DVDs, other forms of media in that alternate world you describe depict for girls and boys. It sounds like a dream come true.true love is awesome but long-term relationship are not easy. They take lots of hard work and constnant communication.

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