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Claiming an Education

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This article basically  speaks about how education is something we should “claim” instead of “receive”. Rich talks about women have fought for years to be well educated and until the past few decades education was not a woman’s priority. As the years go on, more and more women become a part of the intellectual world and treasure the opportunity to get an education. Women are encouraged to graduate high school, go to college, and have a nice career to fit into the “new age” American Dream. Problem with the education system these days are the fact that big wig job titles, supervisor positions, politics, administrative jobs are given mainly to men. I never really paid attention to how many politicians and professors are men. Even though our world is recognizing that women have a voice, we are rarely in a position to give our viewpoints. This article opened my eyes and allow me to see that everything today is not gender equal.


One thought on “Claiming an Education

  1. Glad that the article had a positive effect/was eye-opening.

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