Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Gate C22/ Bass

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Gate C22 is a poem about a middle aged couple that had obviously been separated and was reunited in an airport. The poem explains how the couple were very passionate towards one another and continued to kiss for several minutes. It also states that other people sat back and watched, wishing that they could be in the situation and receive the smile and look that the lady received from the man. The poem is really different because writers, and even directors, only focus the stories on either young kids, or attractive, sexy couples.

In Bass’s poem, he did the complete opposite and explains an average middle aged couple that we see every day. This got my attention because in stead of focusing on young love, or an above average couple, he talks about a normal every day couple. By doing this, it allows the reader to focus on the love felt in the poem and the bond that the couple has with one another. I would love to see more articles that are positive and realistic like this.


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