Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Gate C22/ Ellen Bass (2007)

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In this poem the writer is explaining the actions of an “older” couple and their public display of affection. The couple is kissing each other intimately after one gets off a plane. The people around notice the romance between the couple, how could they miss it. The man loves the woman so dearly. This piece shows that “older” couples should not be ashamed of being intimate. I have a problem when young adults, such as my age, 21, think that it is gross to see older people be affectionate. It is a shame to me that everyone can not be free with their actions when they love someone. People seem to act as if once someone hits 40 sexual activity is out, it should probably increase truth be known. I always hate the comments from my peers “My parents do not have sex”. Guess what people they do!!!! If they really do not I would be worried.


One thought on “Gate C22/ Ellen Bass (2007)

  1. Accepted beliefs about human sexuality state that men peak at 18 and women at 40 or so, or it may be at a post-menopausal age because women have gotten over the fear of pregnancy or finally become sexually comfortable. However, it’s likely that has changed. I think women become more comfortable at earlier ages even, nowadays.

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