Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Some Like Indians Endure / Paula Gunn Allen

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      This powerful poem by Paula Gunn Allen caught my attention in her odd comparison between indians and lesbians. In this particular writing involving indian suffrage and lesbians’ struggle, Gunn Allen uses graphic examples of how both groups of people have experienced torture, stereotypes, discrimination, oppression, persecution, and even been killed simply because of who they are. They rise above it however, despite these obstacles, and continue on together. 
     I believe it is because of the connotation in which I’ve heard the word ‘dyke’ used that I dislike it so much. Gunn Allen, being a lesbian and proud Native American, has somewhat changed my opinion of the word though. She used it in such casual way that it made it seem less derogatory. I had never made such a comparison between the two groups, but after reading this poem it is remarkable the differences that are apparent involving these and many other oppressed groups. At first I was startled due to her abundant use of the word dyke, however I really liked this poem and I am interested in reading more of her work.


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