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Connell- The World Gender Order

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This portion of the article explains the common misconceptions of how gender order effects the world around. Gender is something that was formed simultaneously not independently, both of which has changed a little as time progresses. Most people look at business, politics, and corporations as being “ungendered”, and people tend to blame society for the workplaces being dominated or slightly dominated by one gender. Until I read this article, I believed that the unfairness based on gender  was because of society’s effect. I never realized that the corporations, politics, etc themselves were based on a specific structural basis which directly involved gender.  I just thought this article was really interesting because I was blindly misconceived on how everything in general is structured and blamed society for being gender bias.


One thought on “Connell- The World Gender Order

  1. Ungendered or “neutral”= androcentrism.

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