Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014


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Marilyn Frye describes how frequently the word oppression is used without truly understanding the power and meaning of the word. Personally I would feel safe to say that for many years women were oppressed. We could not get a good education,have a good paying  job, or have the right to vote. Basically our expected roles were to be loving and caring homemakers and wives who bare children. In the article, someone claimed that men were oppressed because they were not expected to be emotional and made them seem too masculine. That statement was completely ludicrous in my mind and quite frankly is quite irritating. Women and feminists had to fight for centuries to get women’s rights where they are today., and men are “oppressed” because they feel it isn’t manly to cry. They have got to be kidding me??

One thought on “Oppression

  1. Frye make am impressive agreement when you weight the inability to cry against REAL oppression.

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